Are Local Authorities allowed to operate the Fusion "Pay on Foot" system?

Yes, Local Authorities are allowed to operate the Fusion system. The Traffic Management Act 2004 governs how Local Authorities issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). The Pay on Foot method of parking does not require PCNs, therefore allowing Local Authorities to operate within the bounds of legislation.

What happens if the number plate is not registered?

The FUSION system has the ability to plate match, this eliminates misread number plates and human error at the pay station.

Are ANPR cameras reliable?

Yes, The FUSION system cameras have a 99.1% success rate. This is reading every digit correctly. Coupling this with Newpark’s plate matching technology means we can reach a near perfect accuracy.

What happens if I cannot remember my number plate?

We rarely see customers experiencing this problem once they have noticed the signage; however, just as if the ticket was left in the car, customers will be asked to return to their vehicle to take note of your number plate.

What happens if the cameras are not operational due to a loss of internet

The FUSION system has an honesty payment feature, this means the barriers will open as normal and the customer will be unware of a problem and will pay in the normal manner.

How often is the honesty feature used?

On average only 0.4% of customers will have to use the honest feature in one calendar month.

Why not have tickets as a back-up?

Newpark has proven technology and since the unveil of the FUSION system, not one car park with the FUSION system installed has reverted back to a traditional ticket based system. With most sites reporting increased revenue, less down time and increase profits.

Can the FUSION system increase vehicle throughput?

Yes, eliminating tickets allows there to be no human interaction at entry and exit. This speeds up vehicle throughput at entry and exit by up to 75%.